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Some Sound Advice To Find The Perfect Lawyer

With regards to hiring a lawyer, most people don't have any idea what things they need to look for. When you choose wrongly, you're the one who suffers. Use the following article to help you determine what qualities you should be seeking in a good read more...

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A Guide To Employment Contract Clauses

Employment contracts are some of the most important UK business documents you will ever sign in your working life, and yet they are written in a deliberately convoluted and confusing manner, which often makes it difficult to get the clear points o read more...

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Maynard's masterpiece; Designed by a dentist, this single-shot Civil War breechloader was a peacetime success as well.

Being an old ordnance officer myself, I can image the frustration

of my Civil War-period cohorts in trying to keep logistics straight when

there were literally scores of different types of arms being issued to

the troops, a go

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested for DUI, Drugs

Actress Lindsay Lohan suffered a relapse Monday night before her early Tuesday morning arrest for misdemeanor driving under the influence and felony drug possession, according to Blair Berk, her attorney.

Berk had been monitoring Lohan's bl

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Billing Process of Divorce Lawyers

If you are thinking about divorce and need to know how divorce lawyers bill the process, you can be sure it is a very complicated process and does not entail just one single thing. There is an entire structure divorce lawyers do, and the fees may read more...

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Child Custody Law

The Factors a Family Court Choose ought to use in making a "best interest of the child" determination are set forth within the seminal Rhode Island case of Pettinato v Pettinato, 589 A.2d 909 (R.I. 1990) Kid Custody, Visitation and Placement probl read more...